States(s) Capture(d) Mixtapes

With State(s) Capture(d) Mixtapes, and tsadenna

State(s) Capture(d) Mixtapes is a practice in threading narratives of resistance through South African and Ethiopian perspectives, exploring music from the 1960’s and beyond. Together, the hosts unfold the sonic memories stored in their bodies; excavating music from their respective home countries, as well as the comprehensive, disparate worlds of music evolving. State(s) Capture(d) Mixtapes connect with the whispers, murmurs and funk hidden in the crevices of social movement and the music commemorating pivotal moments in the political, personal and beyond. State(s) Capture(d) Mixtapes is a 6-part radio/podcast show.

In the second episode, we're going to take a look at Ethiopian music as a medium of storing memory & narratives. The hosts welcome Tsasdenna, who is a culture enthusiast, with a background in sociology, anthropology and international relations. She has a diverse work background ranging from columnist, event organizing, and marketing. When she’s not busy creating content, you can find her reading a book, experimenting with new recipes, listening to a diverse range of music or spending time with friends and family.