Spiral Times: Crush Szn | BB

With BB

Bry and returning spiral sister Lauren are back for a pre-emptive valentine’s hoe down to warm up the last of these cold months... as the determined lil sprouts of spring pulsate under the earth, yearning to stand erect! Got a crush? We want to hear the juice. Want a crush? We’ll be matchmaking L-I-V-E with some SPIRAL PERSONAL ADs: less algorithm, more wifey riddim. Bite into some spicy, saucy, tender tunes selected to activate your root chakra. Steamy stompers, auto-erotic slop, rhythm and boobs and an array of other non-family-friendly heaters to up the BPM of even the loneliness of hearts. Wine your way out of shyness and into the nearest willing hot person's DMs. This one’s like Crufts, but for the Horndogs.