Space of Urgency: Basis | Arno Bouma & Moody Kablawi, Hannes Götsch

With Space of Urgency

Space of Urgency is a global platform for self-organized cultural spaces. During our radio show, we interview the founders of a space to hear more background stories, discuss relevant social topics and listen to tracks from related artists.

Hannes Goetsch is a transdisciplinary strategist, enabler and sound-instigator working in the field of cross innovation and urban-rural development processes from Venosta valley, South Tyrol, Italy. He is a trained machinist and qualified metal production engineer, quit Language high school and focused on practical, in-service education from the age of 20. Hannes is a cooperative networker, lateral thinker and niche culture organiser experienced in acting in an intercultural context. As ideator and strategic head of “BASIS – Vinschgau Venosta”, founder of the music collective “RVTK - revoltekk”, chairman of the cultural association “Kognitiv – Verein für Wahrnehmung” and member of the “Drahthaus” collective he has always been active in the empowerment of people.