setten | DJ Yazi

With setten, and DJ Yazi

DJ Yazi has been active since the mid-1990s, as a member of Tokyo’s notoriously avant-garde hip hop group called Think Tank. The record label Black Smoker Records founded by the group took their experimentalism to a series of club nights called El Nino, and DJ Yazi remains its resident for two decades. Drawing inspiration from across the musical spectrum: the mentality of hip hop, the intensity of dub and jazz, the ferocity of techno and the euphoria of house. As a DJ he moves fluidly across styles, with his sets connected by a strong focus on deep and tripped out grooves. His attention to details, precision and masterful control over the decks clearly show his long time involvement in this art form.

setten is an agency based in Berlin which aims to connect people through music in various ways to encourage intercultural exchange and celebrate diversity. This show will feature exciting sounds we encounter through our network, with extra focus on under-represented talents from Japan.


setten, and DJ Yazi