NSNS pres. Co-Dependency in Creative Industries | Florence Jimenez Otto & German By Accident

With Florence Jimenez Otto, and German By Accident

S(GBA) and Florence Jimenez Otto present an informational podcast by two female industry participants about Co-Dependency. This talk show format covers the following areas:

  • What does codependency mean? in contrast to romantic love relationships

  • How do narcissism and co-narcissism relate to each other?

  • Codependency in the creative industry & artist-agent relations - ecosystem based on personal relationships

  • Fame as a magnet

  • What are the symptoms? How do I know that I am possibly co-dependent? Shame and low self-esteem, people pleasing, poor boundaries, reactivity, caretaking, dysfunctional communication, obsessions, dependency or denial

  • Ways out of co-dependency - becoming aware of them, setting clear boundaries, selfesteem, leaving artist relationship / toxic environment

NSNS provides a PDF with recommended videos, literature, places and institutions to follow up independently on Co-Dependency. Contact details to reach out to Florence Jimenez Otto as well as the opportunity to submit papers related to the topic to NSNS are added in the PDF.