Reproductive Rights: A Time for Change | Hosted by Dina Elsayed

With Dina Elsayed

On this show, Refuge Worldwide editor Dina Elsayed is joined by Mohana Kute and Chriss Njesh (AKA Natural Girl) to discuss the implications of the groundbreaking decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, which marked an unprecedented attack on reproductive rights.

This discussion examines the repercussions of this decision in other countries, and the effects of the decision beyond restricted access to abortion clinics. It also takes a closer look at Germany's own reproductive rights laws – which continue to be labelled by activists as backward and restrictive – and the toll they take on women, especially those of non-German origins.

Mohana Kute is a reproductive rights activist from Atlanta, GA who previously worked as the Southeast Regional Organizing Manager for NARAL Pro-Choice America. Mohana has worked on digital fundraising and advocacy campaigns for US-based nonprofits and run electoral organising programs for pro-choice Georgia legislators. She is currently an Executive Master's candidate in Public Administration at Berlin's Hertie School, where her research focuses on state-level reproductive rights organising and policy.

Natural Girl is an activist for Women in Exile (WIE), an initiative founded in Brandenburg in 2002 by refugee women to fight their double discrimination under Germany's racist and misogynistic legal system. She has a passion for humanitarian work and the frontiers of the fight against racism and discrimination. She is interested in global news and journalism and contributed to the newly published collective book for WIE.