necton: Bridges | Jesse G, dérive & Mo Asumang

With Jesse G, and Dérive

Necton invites Mo Asumang to explore how the filmmaker and author uses dialogue as an anti-racism strategy. Jesse G and dérive want to find out which personal experiences have shaped their guest's approach and how she stays positive.

Mo Asumang, (3sat documentary series and The Aryans) daughter of a German mother and a Ghanaian mother, became Germany's first Afro-German TV presenter in 1996. She is a nominated Grimme-Award filmmaker and bestselling author. In addition to her artistic work, Mo Asumang visits schools and universities worldwide to campaign for integration and courageously tackle the issue of racism from a new perspective. She recently co-founded Mo:Lab, an organization that offers dialogue-based training as an anti-discrimination strategy.


Jesse G, and Dérive