Kuo-Han Chen Sánchez & Rebecca nea Alemee Meyer - Narrative Soup w/ Gia Jones

With Kuo-Han Chen Sánchez

Narrative soup brings to the forefront people who are changing the narratives of the world through their work, usually benefiting minorities, and challenging "normative" ways of doing. Guests will play tracks that are meaningful to them and their work while also having a conversation about what kind of problem/situation led them to want to transform the world, to then tab into their current work/cause, and finally talk about what are the next steps and goals for their working cause.

Kuo-Han Chen Sánchez & Rebecca nea Alemee Meyer are joined in their first episode by Gia Jones, a sex worker, writer and union organizer. She shares her personal experience as a sex worker and her contribution to sex workers’ rights from the work done through United Sex Workers, United Voices of the World and Radio Ava.