Mixed Feelings | Saverio & Johanna Hedva

With Mixed Feelings, Saverio, and Johanna Hedva

TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE HERE: https://pad.systemli.org/p/r.87af90274bb71777c7898ac60c6b0037

mixed feelings is a radio show exploring accessibility in the arts from the experience and practices of disabled artists worldwide. In this episode, Saverio meets Korean-American writer, artist, and musician Johanna Hedva, to learn about their latest project, astrology, and community activism. Johanna shares their artistic journey, discussing Sick Woman Theory, their exploration of doom metal in music, and the release of their own album. They challenge traditional views on health and art, promoting a unique and inclusive perspective.

With a commitment to practices that explore sounds in all forms, the mixed feelings show is co-curated by Saverio Cantoni and Dana Cermane, in spoken language (mainly English) and sign language (mainly International Sign Language). Screenreader-accessible transcripts accompany each episode. Accessibility is an empowering creative territory. How would the radio be if it were accessible to Deaf folks? Are we willing to give space to the Deaf community in the conventionally hearing-only territory? mixed feelings merges conversation and sound art, music, and experimental practices transforming our present. This fluid format evolves over time because accessibility is still a very speculative practice, and the folks involved in this project will shape it by merging individual experiences and communal thinking.

The illustrations are by Cooper Lovano. Johanna Hedva’s portrait is by Ian Byers-Gamber.

mixed feelings is part of the initiative DRAUSSENSTADT, funded by the Berliner Projektfonds Urbane Praxis and the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Gesellschaflichen Zusammenhalt. A special thanks to Frances Breden; and to Refuge Worldwide fam Gaby, George, Graeme, Leona, Oscar, and Richard.