MEGA BUFF Takeover | Carl Hang & Wall Ra

With Carl Hang, and Wall Ra

MEGA BUFF is an independent Berlin record label and event series with a funky reputation for ripping and slicing alternating music styles. Composed of a rag tag assortment of ruffneck DJs, MCs, and producers from various places, we’re all about representing our local community as we drop barz with ill intent. "Set in stone the lingua franca, we ain’t no regular Berlin Casablanca."

Get to know as our friends and family from across our local vicinity broadcast three shows back-to-back, live and direct. Beaming out through these blessed airwaves, the squad answers the question of what to expect from a MEGA BUFF record release or club session, our smooth hybrid style a veritable cornucopia here to charm and beguile.


Carl Hang, and Wall Ra