lovers don't say goodbye | Lekker Collective & NaN

With Lekker Collective, and NaN

"lovers don't say goodbye," the quintessential heartbreak soundtrack crafted by Lekker Collective.

Curated by founder Donna Arendse, this auditory journey is enhanced by the inclusion of guest selector/DJ NaN, promising an inclusive FLINTA* forward show.

Whether seeking solace from heartbreak or setting the stage for moments of profound intimacy. Prepare to be captivated by a carefully curated selection that intertwines hazy R&B, soul, and jazz-infused gems.

Nurtured by the ethos of Lekker Collective, a Berlin-based, woman-owned independent record label renowned for its dedication to showcasing top-tier R&B and soul music, this show offers an auditory experience that mirrors the label's releases and live events.