Kudur | Ari Kozanoğlu, Ilgaz Yalçınoğlu & DJ doyougo

With Ari Kozanoğlu , DJ doyougo, and Ari Kozanoğlu

While vinyl and digital platforms have long dominated the DJ scene, this maverick soul, DJ doyougo, chose a different path. Armed with a trusty collection of cassettes, she embarked on a sonic journey unlike any other.

With a humble cassette player and a magnetic charm, this innovator is ready to rewrite the rules of engagement, but are you?!

As the first tape slides smoothly into the player, a spellbinding fusion of sounds, genres, and eras is going to cascade through the air.

Expect a rollercoaster ride, seamlessly transitioning from pulsating beats to ethereal melodies, from forgotten classics to experimental gems.