Kauno Fonas | Monika Seta

With Kauno Fonas

Straight from Lizdas Club in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Monika Seta is a resident of Opium Club (Vilnius) and Lizdas Club (Kaunas) and one of the leading female figures in the Lithuanian electronic music scene. Based in Vilnius, she’s been progressively making a name for herself in both Lithuanian and European contexts as a talented and diligent DJ, with a refined taste for disco, indie dance, breaks and electro music.

During her years studying, Monika was working as a music journalist and was part of the Lithuanian DJ Mag editorial staff. From 2016 she worked with the music channel whypeopledance, and later with some friends founded Dance In Chaos Radio on a “non existing radio station”. Non-existing radio still exists, and even has its own parties series at Kaunas club Lizdas.