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With JAW Family

Just before his J.A.W show at Aeden with his ETA IVtet, Chicago guitar hero Jeff Parker joins JAW Family in the studio for their residency. Expect an hour of great tunes and discussions about Jeff's latest release ‘Mondays at The Enfield Tennis Academy’ and his signature sound.

Guitarist Jeff Parker’s mantra could be his saying “clear sound overcomes genre boundaries.” Parker’s been a member of the Chicago Free Jazz initiative AACM, a regular collaborator of Trumpeter Rob Mazurek, and a guitarist with Makaya McCraven or the Postrock-Band Tortoise. He already had multiple strings in his bow before starting as a project leader himself. In his three self-titled albums, he’s developed a genre-melting signature sound fusing J Dilla-inspired Hip Hop beats and the 70s Soul Jazz sound. 2020 saw him releasing his LP Suite For Max Brown in a newly formed partnership between International Anthem and Nonesuch Records, followed by his acclaimed solo debut Forfolks in 2021 and his first double and live album Mondays at The Enfield Tennis Academy in 2022.


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