Hometown Soundsystem | Bobby Babylon

With Hometown Soundsystem

Hometown Promotion Soundsystem is a sound system collective based in Glasgow, Scotland, specialising in reggae, roots, dancehall, ska, rocksteady and ska. Hometown's mission focuses around the use of reggae music and it's message as a tool to encourage and enable community focused initiatives, bringing sound system to places it has never reached in the past.

Hometown holds down monthly sound system sessions in all major Scottish cities, as well as Raggamuffin Records, Scotland's only reggae music store.

1. Vivian Jones - Institutionalised Racism (Roots Vibration)

2. Cedric Myton - Cristal Ball (Thompson Sound)

3. Novelette Barnet - Fire De A Town (High Note)

4. Faybienne Miranda - Prophecy (Tribes Man)

5. Faybienne Miranda - Destiny (Fox)

6. Yami Bolo - Mystery Babylon (Thompson Sound)

7. Sam Brainwell - It A Go Dread Ina Babylon (Revolutionary Sounds)

8. Earl Zero - Please Officer (Jammys)

9. Ashanti Waugh - Police Police (Black Solidarity)

10. Burro Banton - Can’t Take The Runnings Ina Babylon (CSA)

11. Freddie McGregor - Bobby Babylon (Studio One)

12. Alton Ellis - Road To Slavery (Fashion)

13. Anthony B - Police (John John)

14 - Tippa Irie & OBF - Im An African (Dubquake)