(H)Our Realities | BIWOC* Rising, Elio Coulibaly & Daddypuss.rex

With BIWOC* Rising

How safe are Safer Spaces for the Trans* Community?

As an intersectional space BIWOC* Rising is open to  women, trans*, inter* and non-binary people identifying as Black, indigenous or of Color. This episode of (H)Our Realities revolved around the questions: “How safe are safer spaces for the trans* community? What does inclusion mean? What’s the difference between structural and active discrimination vs. harming people?” This podcast is a reaction to allegations of actively discriminating against trans* people.

Moderation: Lee Modupeh Anansi Freeman AKA Daddypuss Rex (they/it) is a Berlin-based, Black, transcontinental, trans*gender multidisciplinary artist, creative event producer and community organizer. They are a breaker of chains, a storyteller, a somatic healer and educator. It is most times a good witch, and sometimes a bad bxtch. 

Guest: Elio Coulibaly (he/it) is a non binary, neurodivergent, Afro-Scandinavian, multidisciplinary artist, community organiser and educator receding in Berlin since 2018. Elio is a dancer and multidisciplinary artist as well as a kink educator and community organiser. Founder of Black Queer Rope Berlin, a separatist space for black queer bodies in kink and rope.  

Note: Dr. Michaela Dudley was invited to this podcast. Unfortunately, due to the delay of her train she was not able to attend. Therefore, this discussion lacks the perspective of a trans* woman.