(H)Our Realities

With BIWOC* Rising

True Colours of Neurodiversity with Tessa Hart (AfroPolitan Berlin) & Lahya (Stefanie-Lahya Aukongo).

This episode of (H)Our Realities centers on the experiences of neurodivergent BIWOC & TIN BIPOC. As our neurodiversity is made particularly invisible, we are claiming and creating spaces for exchange, discoveries, community and appreciation, carried out by neurodivergent siblings!

Lahya is a Black intersectional artist whose social realities are reflected in all of her art and political work.

Tessa is a Culture & Change Maker in performing arts, film & socio-cultural fields as well as director of AfroPolitan Berlin, which launched Black Spectrum in 2021, an initiative for exchange, networking and empowerment of Black and African-/Diasporic neurodivergent people.