GALA & BORN N BREAD pres. Toasty Talks


With Tash LC, Jamz Supernova, MarshMeLLo & stephseeks.

Originally recorded on Wednesday 11 May 2022. GALA and BORN N BREAD held a special edition of TOASTY TALKS in the build-up to GALA22. This is Panel talk called: For Love of Radio.

Radio has the capacity to shape a DJ’s career and on-air personality, however it also can be a deeply intimate space to document important stories and connect communities.

In this conversation, we ask how radio plays a part in these DJs lives and how it’s essential to sharing their love of music. From independent radio to mainstream stations, how are they doing it on their own terms? This is a deep dive into the broadcast industry as well as a personal look at each of our guests’ journey onto the airwaves.