Flip The Script Palestine | Nicky Böhm, Jumana Manna, Basma al-Sharif, Shadi Habib Allah & Bassem Saad

With Nicky Böhm, Jumana Manna, Basma al-Sharif, Shadi Habib Allah, and Bassem Saad

A full transcript of this show is available here.

Flip The Script Palestine is a series of conversations that celebrate the rich multiplicity of Palestinian cultural identities and explore the stories of anti-occupation activists. They are an invitation to learn, unlearn and explore different forms of intersectional solidarity and resistance.

As part of the Queer Cinema for Palestine / No Pride in Genocide film programme, ATHAR hosted the Articulating Power event last December at filmArche Berlin. Moderated by artist and writer Bassem Saad, this recording is from the panel discussion with Basma al-Sharif, Shadi Habib Allah and Jumana Manna that followed the screenings of their films:

Home Movies Gaza — Basma al-Sharif An introduction to the Gaza Strip as a microcosm for the failure of civilisation.

Dag'aa — Shadi Habib Allah A journey across the heavily militarised Sinai Peninsula.

Blessed Blessed Oblivion — Jumana Manna A portrait of masculine performativity in East Jerusalem.

Queer Cinema for Palestine was a global event across 9 cities in solidarity with Palestinians and part of the decolonial movement for justice. Over the past 5 years, nearly 60 filmmakers have withdrawn from the Israeli government-sponsored TLVFest LGBTQ film festival in response to the boycott call from Palestinian queers. 200+ filmmakers, film artists, and scholars have signed the Queer Cinema for Palestine pledge not to participate in TLVFest in a sign of growing rejection of Israeli pinkwashing and recognition of the intimate connections between liberation struggles of all oppressed peoples and communities.



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