Fiestuki Mexa | Do25inco

With Fiestuki

Fiestuki Mexa takeover. For this edition in Refuge Worldwide we are bringing Djs from different cities of Mexico to showcase their music in an all day broadcast.

Do25inco - pronounced Dos Cinco - is a Mc, Dj producer born and raised in Naucalpan State of the metropolitan area Mexico City. Growing up in a hostile environment, his career as an artist started at the beginning of a young age. Inspired by the “Sonideros” in Mexican popular culture and hip hop tapes that he bought on the flea market, he started to write poetry and to compose songs by the age of 12. Through his cousin he started with graffiti and rap music, ran hip-hop concerts and dance hall parties in the hood to promote his music and to earn some money with the help of his family.

After touring and playing countless shows all over Latin America, he dropped his first EP called “Wake Up” and was invited to perform at Fusion festival in Germany - his first time being in Europe. One year after playing several shows around Europe he decided to set up base in Berlin to continue working on his musical career. This is where he founded the creative agency “Barrio Archives” and the collective and party series “Tacos mit Cumbia”, that promotes emerging sounds of Latin America mixed with the club culture in Berlin, while his tracks as a rapper address social issues and show solidarity with migrant communities worldwide.