Fiestuki Mexa | Arieshandmodel

With Fiestuki, and Arieshandmodel

Fiestuki Mexa takeover. For this edition in Refuge Worldwide we are bringing Djs from different cities of Mexico to showcase their music in an all day broadcast.

Arieshandmodel is a DJ with roots in Mexico City, who currently divides her time between Berlin and Mexico. Her sets are a true reflection of her diverse musical influences, seamlessly merging popular Mexican soundscapes such as tribal as well as Latin club with variations of aleteo and guaracha, and also incorporates techno and breakbeats into her mixes, which adds a distinct rhythm and energy to her sound and making her trademark lie in the integration of percussive elements throughout different genres.

She recently has played for Herrensauna and Buttons Berlin as well as releasing a mixtape for FACT, in 2022 was part of the lineup for Whole Festival in Germany and also back in Mexico playing almost the whole circuit of parties playing next to djs such as DJs such as Jeff Mills, Dj Stingray, Tayhana, Nick Leon, Kelman Duran, Ariel Zetina, Jass, DJ Lycox, Nidia, Zut Zut, NKC, NA Dj among others.