female:pressure | Kat Davids

With female:pressure

The first 10 minutes of this mix are ‘Voice Notes from the Edge’ - made up of voice notes focused on club culture. Some reflect beautiful memories, others sad or life-changing moments. Kat created this mix in memory of her friend Lena, who passed away because of a drug overdose at a festival in Cpt, South Africa a few months ago. This compilation of voices and records was created in the hope of more awareness and beautiful memories - in appreciation of music and dance - that can be powerful and healing like nothing else.

Voice Notes: Mishelle Kaletta, Cecilia Tosh, Florian Fischer, Jaś Maciek Miszewski, Imad

Nowshari, Jessi Donner, Sergio Salas, Leon Siggelkow, and anonymous submitters

Guitar: Jaś Maciek Miszewski

Piano: Kat Davids