Kyiv-based feminist collective CUTIECORE presents Ukrainian residents and local guests for 5 hours of sound exploration.

A strong connection with music since childhood is what makes the sound of Kyiv DJ and producer YUVI truly deep, emotional and innovative. Ulyana made her first steps in the musical world at the age of 6, mastering the clarinet and saxophone. It was the improvisational nature of playing these instruments that directed the musician to search for something new, to explore and create her own sound experiments. In 2018, YUVI began to embody her personal emotions in music and combine her sound product with her own lyrics. At the same time, the artist discovered DJing as the fastest way to transfer her own energy and emotions in the moment. 

YUVI music is a stream of impressions and impressions, which primarily describes Ulyana herself. The artist prefers to reflect individuality in each sound, so in her selection, she pays attention to unusual, sometimes desperate, but at the same time highly energetically charged tracks. Although theoretically they are part of the genres breaks, jungle/DnB, electro and base, they exist on the border of these styles.