CUTIECORE | Translucid


Kyiv-based feminist collective CUTIECORE presents Ukrainian residents and local guests for 5 hours of sound exploration.

Growing up in Weimar, Xaos' interest in events of many kinds started very early in their life. They received musical education through learning how to play the clarinet and piano. At the age of 12, they developed a special interest in electronic music. From then on they acquired their DJ skills by observing various DJs in and around Weimar. Due to their expanded musical understanding and the influence of their musically well-versed father, they started producing with Cubase at a young age. Their choice of music style varies a great deal as they feel comfortable playing anything from IDM, DnB, psy-, breakbeat, UK bass, house and disco. The quality of the music and its potential to create layered worlds for its observers to fully immerse in is where Xaos puts their focus when playing. Their love for bending and mixing genres and their ability to devote their full attention to their work leads them to often play extensive listening sessions and prolong the closing of evenings/events by putting their listeners in dreamlike states of timelessness. Xaos currently lives in Leipzig, where they worked from 2018 to 2022 as booker and programmer for mjut club. In 2020 Xaos launched their own label Myriad and are constantly developing their musical understanding further and manifesting and sharing their musical experiences through it. To perform and share more of their own sound creations they recently started their first live project which operates under the name Xaos and is ever-evolving, changing and growing.