CO:QUO: Cooperative Movements and Creator Economies | Kaitlyn Davies & Austin Robey

With Kaitlyn Davies, and CO:QUO

For CO:QUO's last episode of 2022, Kaitlyn welcomes writer and cultural practitioner Austin Robey to the show. Austin joins Kaitlyn for a conversation on legacy cooperative organising models, building more sustainable economies for artists, and asking the question, "Will we still be asking people to like and subscribe in 15 years?".

Austin Robey is a founding member of Metalabel, Ampled, and Unnamed Fund. He is also a contributor to several Web3 communities including Friends With Benefits, Seed Club, and Dirt.


  • Camp Orchestra - Show Me the Body

  • Fall Down - The Death Set

  • Hysteric - White Lung

  • Enough for You - Single Mothers

  • High Anxiety - Surfbort

  • Violent Closure - GEL

  • F.E.B.N - Trash Talk

  • Gacked on Anger - Amyl and The Sniffers

  • Focused Panic - World View

  • Weed Pin - Drug Church

Metalabel's "After the Creator Economy" zine: