CO:QUO | Do Humans Have Free Will?


In this episode, we chat with Dr. Kate Stone about how much free will we really have as humans in decision-making.  We also find out how she envisions what our future might look like. 

Kate is from the UK however now lives in Los Angeles, California and has a degree in electronics from Salford University and PhD in physics from Cambridge University but believes the most useful things she learnt in life were discovered during four years of travel through Australia and Asia and in particular working on a sheep farm for two years in the Australian outback.

Kate has spent the last decade on a journey of discovery from the world of science to creative design.  Kate and her team at Novalia have developed a new technology platform with which they create products that are a delightful blend of being magical, old fashioned and futuristic.  Over the last few years with her team she has created experiences for large brands as part of advertising campaigns, working with Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Bud Light, Hersheys and IKEA. Kate believes the future will look more like the past than the present due to our inevitable mix of nostalgia and technology.

Fun fact: her TED talk from 2013 'DJ decks made of...paper' were resampled a few times in Mark Ronson's TED talk in 2014 'How sampling transformed music'



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