Özgür Ruh [Free Spirit]

With Bengisu Çağlayan

Özgür Ruh [Free Spirit] opens with the hybrid sound of Nekropsi, a progressive rock/metal band and evolves into a mismatch of eclectic sounds from afar. Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s no-wave album released in 1981, and Blancmange’s ‘Living on the Ceiling’ made in Cairo sets the tone for the rest of the set. Desert rock by Terakaft and Kel Assouf, a live studio recording of Dengue Fever and Saâda Bonaire’s feminist storytelling all enact different points of inspiration. Baba Zula’s Özgür Ruh, meaning ‘free spirit’ give this episode its name. Selda Bağcan’s folkloric interpretations are followed by contemporary electro-acoustic duo Islandman’s tunes punctuated by distinctly Anatolian instrumentation.


  • ‘Ateis 1998’ by Nekropsi (2010)

  • ‘Sekizler’ by Nekropsi (2018)

  • ‘Slipped Disc’ by Lizzy Mercier Descloux (1981)

  • ‘Living on the Ceiling’ by Blancmange, Dennis Weinrich with John O.Williams (1982)

  • ‘Alghalem’ by Terakaft (2011)

  • ‘Uku’ by Dengue Fever (2011)

  • ‘Fransa’ by Kel Assouf (2019)

  • ‘You Could Be More As You Are’ by Saâda Bonaire (2013)

  • ‘Zalina’ by Balkan Taksim (2019)

  • ‘Özgür Ruh’ by Baba Zula, Mehmet Güreli (2017)

  • ‘İnce İnce’ by Selda Bağcan (1976)

  • ‘Dimitro’ by Islandman and Elis Dubaz (2020)

  • ‘Agit’ by Islandman (2018) Photo by: Murat Özçaylak