Truants | Lara David and Antoin KMA

With Antoin KMA , and Chekov

Truants Radio returns with crew member Antoin KMA in conversation with Lara David aka. Chekov. Following a couple of releases on Shanti Celeste's Peach Discs under her Chekov moniker, Lara has recently launched her new label Table Jelly Dishes. Lara discusses the new label and plays unreleased material and influences. Tracklist:

  • Yusef Lateef - Theme from Spartacus

  • Mx.Tactful - Choral drifen

  • Actress - Leaves Against The Sky

  • Lara David - Graniht (Laundry Drum '09 Dubplate Lick)

  • Lara David - Feb 4th (Betmx)

  • SOPHIE - Faceshopping

  • Lara David - All is Blue Now

  • The Bug - Skeng (Autechre Remix)

  • Lara David - Naughty4You

  • Hoshina Anniversary - Bonnou


Antoin KMA , and Chekov