aequa Radio | Sarj & Women in Exile e.V.

With Sarj

aequa is a community for social equity, with a Community Centre in Berlin Wedding. They are an intersectional community of people brought together by a shared vision of a world in which everyone can thrive. Through daily practices of solidarity and mutual support, they explore both individual potential and collective power.

Today’s show is dedicated to the labor of love that is...INTERSECTIONAL ORGANISING. When we talk about organising, here we mean community organising — bringing people with shared or aligned interests and values together to build power. Together, you can use that power to demand change, shift norms, and ultimately change the world. When we say intersectional here, we are referring to intersectionality, which Kimerblé Crenshaw coined to mean "the complex, cumulative way in which the effects of multiple forms of discrimination (such as racism, sexism, and classism) combine, overlap, or intersect in the experiences of marginalised individuals or groups.” So when we take an intersectional feminist approach to organising people, we are doing our best to organise more equitably and inclusively, across classes and issues.

In this show, Sarj invites an organiser from Women in Exile e.V., who are celebrating twenty years of organising this year with a book launch and a conference coming up in early August.

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