aequa Radio | Sarj, Samirah Siddiqui, Nirit Sommerfeld, Louna Sbou & Zoë Claire Miller

With Sarj, Samirah Siddiqui, Nirit Sommerfeld, Louna Sbou, and Zoë Claire Miller

aequa stands for social equity. We exist because of a vision of a world where everyone can thrive, regardless of contexts or identities we are born into.

On last Friday, November 10th, a loose coalition of progressive Jews and/or Israelis, in cooperation with allies of all stripes, led a protest under the banner “We Still Need to Talk,” demanding a “Waffenstillstand” (ceasefire) and addressing the silencing of artists and cultural institutions in Germany for expressing solidarity with Palestine. The call for protest reads, “We will not remain silent as Palestinian and Jewish voices are stigmatised and censored.” The subject of this protest is our topic for today’s show — aequa community member Samirah Siddiqui will be in conversation with Nirit Sommerfeld, Louna Sbou and Zoë Claire Miller about the current situation in Germany and Berlin specifically with regards to this silencing, and what listeners can do to push back.

Samirah Siddiqui is a marine ecologist, curator and aequa community member based in Berlin.

Nirit Sommerfeld (she/her) is an Israeli-German actress, musician and activist, co-founder of the association/verein “Bündnis für Gerechtigkeit zwischen Israelies und Palästinsern” (Alliance for Justice Between Israelis and Palestinians), and currently active as a member of Jüdische Stimme.

Louna Sbou is a curator, mentor and cultural manager. She is director of Oyoun in Berlin, an anti-disciplinary arts center with a special focus on queer*feminist, decolonial and class-critical perspectives.

Zoë Claire Miller is an artist / curator / activist who lives and works in Berlin.

Check out this link for further resources and actions: