aequa Radio with Bethi Ngari & SharPuta Alatrash

With Sarj

aequa is a community for social equity, with a Community Centre in Berlin Wedding. We are an intersectional community united by our visions of a world in which everyone can thrive.

In today's show Sarj, Bethi Ngari & SharPuta Alatrash talk about the power of STORYTELLING and STORIES for political organising. Why are stories important in the work of social equity? Who gets to tell the stories that dominate, and what stories go untold, or are misrepresented or mistold? What can we do to work together to make sure that true stories are told, are shared, and in ways that motivate people to action? How can stories heal us, and help us unlearn?

Sarj has invited two guest to the show:

  • Bethi Ngari : a community organiser and member of Women In Exile

  • SharPuta AlaTrash: a poet, performer, community organiser and cofounder of Career Gxrls

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Tracklist available here.