Apply for a "Making Big Tunes For Big Rooms" workshop now.

Hosted by Works Of Intent

By Staff

This free workshop is presented by Refuge Worldwide, Your Mom's Agency & Open Music Lab, in partnership with Orchestral Tools who will demo their free soundpacks.

Please note the workshop is aimed at people who have finished productions and are looking to increase their technical understanding of music production, mixdowns & club sound systems.

Is my kick drum loud enough? How low is too low? Will "finalMix_v14_master3" be the last version I re-upload to Soundcloud? Neodymium magnets, how do they work? Some of these deeply existential questions have answers. Producer Works Of Intent's "Making Big Tunes For Big Rooms" workshop will take you on a frequency dependent, sidechain filled adventure to create arena sized belters. You'll learn advanced production techniques, mixdown tricks and learn how sound systems operate to answer the real question. Have you compressed hard enough?

Application date closes on Monday, 10th April, sign-up here.

Date: Friday 14th, April 

Time: 5pm - 8pm 

Location: Orchestral Tools HQ, Aufgang 5, UG, Pfuelstraße 5, 10997 Berlin

About Works Of Intent: Made in England mix-engineer-designer-essayist & activist Works Of Intent  productions blend bracing club music with a dizzying array of influences. A sound rooted in the UK underground but dripping in both techno & pop sensibilities. He’s found a home on labels such as Monkeytown, Turbo, REKIDS and most recently Laurent Garnier’s COD3 QR - Garnier a cheerleader for the rising star and kindred spirit. In the booth he’s a master of the live edit, unexpected blend and four deck wizardry. Key gigs include Nordstern, Blitz Club, fabric London, Panoramabar, REX Club, Apgrade Festival. This year Works Of Intent expects to kick things into gear with a summer India Tour and a debut album on the COD3 QR label.