SAVVY Contemporary and Refuge Worldwide explore improvisation in new series

Stepping On Each Other's Feet kicks off on May 2nd.

By Staff

Performances and radio pieces on improvisation. Stepping On Each Other's Feet is a series of experimental sonic performances, grounded in improvisation as a method. It will bring together sound artists, musicians, DJs, and music producers based in Berlin to propose various formats of musical exchange, in order to emphasize the (pre)formal, quotidian, and social dimensions of creation as shared within sonic communities. The performances will take place at the SAVVY Contemporary in Wedding.

Each performance and its making process will be documented and aired on the radio platform of SAVVYZΛΛR, as well as being preceded by an interview hosted on Refuge Worldwide by Shiru.

On May 2nd, Shiru will interview Sonic Interventions between 12-2PM. The second show will feature Sōydivision on 23 May, from 1-3PM. The final instalment is on 30 May, with Canto Diáspora, airing at 12-2PM.

The project was developed by the SAVVY team of Manuela Garcia Aldana, Kelly Krugman, Ola Zielińska, Hubert Gromny, Ola Zielińska, Lema Sikod and Anna Jäger. It is supported by Musikfonds and will be free to attend. More information is available here.