Dumama and jess2empress launch six-part show on Refuge Worldwide

State(s) Capture(d) will explore narratives of resistance through South African and Ethiopian music, interviews and spoken word.

By Chloe Lula

The first episode of State(s) Capture(d), which features Julie Nxadi, will air on Wednesday at 15:00 CET.

The experimental, gospel, and spoken word show will thread narratives of resistance from South African and Ethiopian perspectives with music from the 1960s and beyond. Together, the hosts will unfold the sonic memories stored in their bodies by excavating music from their respective home countries. Other themes that the show will explore include the women's resistance movement, the politics and psychology of children's and women's songs, and the urban revolution in sound.

State(s) Capture(d) Mixtapes is a 6-part radio/podcast show presented by Gugulethu “Dumama” Duma, an artist, performer, and sonic researcher from South Africa, and Jessica Korp, an artist and researcher with a degree in Social & Cultural Studies from London's Goldsmiths College. They will be joined by guest speakers from their communities in episodes that will be available to stream on Refuge Worldwide and Cape Town's The Other Radio.

The show is made possible by a grant from the Goethe Institute.