Schlafplatzorga Need Your Support

Donate money or offer your spare room this winter.

By Staff

Schlafplatzorga provide temporary shelter for unhoused and criminalised refugees and migrants in Berlin.

An organisation with deep roots in Berlin's refugee resistance movement, Schlafplatzorga was initially founded in response to a wave of forced evictions that took place in 2014, namely, the evictions of Kreuzberg's occupied Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule and of the shelters where many former inhabitants of the Oranienplatz protest camp were living.

Since then, Schlafplatzorga have fought to find community-based solutions for those looking for shelter, by creating a network of people offering accommodation and providing support to refugees and migrants searching for longer-term housing.

Read their most recent call for support below:

Can you offer a place to sleep? This can be a couch in the living room, a bunk bed in the hallway, a spare room when a roommate is away, a whole apartment, a coworking space, etc.) Even one or two nights a week can make an incredible difference and be really helpful! Please contact us, send us an email, a message or give us a call:


Phone: +4915214699071

If you can't offer a place to stay but you'd like to support them in other ways, they are also asking for donations to pay outstanding rent and other costs. Check out their GoFundMe here and follow Schlafplatzorga on IG to keep up to date with the work they do.