Refuge Worldwide to host radio lab and workshop at Nuits Sonores

The festival takes place in Lyon from the 17-21 May.

By Staff

The first collaboration between Refuge Worldwide and Nuits Sonores.

We are happy to take part in Lyon's Nuits Sonores festival this year, which takes place across multiple venues from the 17-21 May. Refuge Worldwide will be an official media partner of the festival, airing exclusive broadcasts as well as hosting an on-site radio lab and giving a radio workshop on 19 May.

Our four-hour radio lab slot - hosted by Richard Akingbehin - will feature a listening session with Tsuzing, a conversation with Funk Butcher about unsung heroes of the UK electronic music scene and a panel talk between Crack Magazine deputy editor Rachel Almeida and Borshch Magazine's Mariana Berezovski about electronic's music relationship with activism and resistance. Lastly, there will be a discussion about community radio, moderated by Ieva Gudaitytė.

Refuge co-founder George Patrick will also host a two-hour workshop about running a DIY radio station, from 10:30 on 19 May. All our activities will be part of the European Lab, a discursive part of the festival reserved for "artists, thinkers, journalists and mobilized activists who will present the keys to understanding the great challenges our world is facing."

Before the festival, be sure to tune into Refuge Worldwide on 17 April for a selection of Nuits Sonores shows, mixed by the Le Sucre residents.

The festival's musical programme so far includes Avalon Emerson, Chilly Gonzalez, LSDXOXO, Moderat, Tzusing, Channel One, Madam X, Paula Tape, DARKSIDE and many more. Tickets and more information are available here.