No Border Assembly will hold a demo against deporting asylum-seekers from Germany

The march will be held on July 19 at S+U Jungfernheide and end at the Lufthansa offices on Siemensdamm.

By Chloe Lula

On July 19, the Berlin NGO will continue a series of protests called #abschiedefrei directed at the airlines responsible for deporting refugees.

According to the organization’s website, more than 25% (5,885 of 22,097) of deportations from Germany were carried out by Lufthansa last year, which amounted to more than 6,025 people being transported out of Germany against their will: 

After two action days against Lufthansa in 2020, the state decided from this year to censor information about which airlines are used for deportations. This shows again that capitalism, the state, and racism go hand in hand. A freedom of information request revealed that it is our campaign that was the reason for this censorship. 

In the words of the government, naming companies used for deportations might give them a bad image in the view of society. Deportation profiteers will continue their racist business as long as we let them. Take action, we know where to find them. Force Lufthansa to become #abschiebefrei.

The gathering will begin at 15:00 at Ringbahn (S+U) Jungfernheide. At 16:20, it will move to Lufthansa’s office at Siemensdamm 62. For more information on the campaign and No Border Assembly, visit their website here.

Photo © picture-alliance/dpa/U.Zucchi