Real Mo launches debut album "223" at Oona Bar

Iranian rapper hosts launch party on 22 July

By Staff

"223, the first asylum room, and it all started from there..."

Join us at Oona Bar for DJ sets and a live performance from Real Mo in celebration of forthcoming new album '223'.

Born and raised in Tehran, Mo's artistic journey began with a passion for poetry, rap and hip-hop. His words carried weight, resonating with his generation's struggles and aspirations. The political nature of his music, however, forced him to leave Iran. Driven by his desire to pursue his musical dream and be a voice for change, Mo made the difficult decision to leave behind his family and friends and seek refuge in Berlin. 

While Mo was staying in a refugee centre close to the Polish border, he was put in touch with the Open Music Lab. Connected through a shared love of music, it was obvious to Open Music Lab that Mo was not just a talent but also a source of inspiration for those around him; somebody who’d showed courage and resilience, and maintained a positive attitude throughout.

Over the years, a strong bond was formed, and, in collaboration with the Open Music Lab team, Mo honed his musical skills and artistic vision. Through dedication, he found his artistic signature, which blends storytelling, raw emotion, and rhythms to create a unique sonic identity. The result is "223," Mo's debut album.

"223" is a testament to Mo's journey and the spirit that propels him forward. Each track on the album represents a chapter of his life; exploring separation, freedom, and resilience. Through his lyrics, Mo invites listeners to take a walk in his shoes, and experience the power of music as a unifying force. 

Date: Sat, 22nd July 20:00-22:00 at Refuge Worldwide 

20:00 Ophelie DJ Set

20:30 Real Mo (Live)

21:00 Readings & Presentation

21:30 O.N.A. DJ Set