Help Lisbon’s queer/trans*/feminist rave collective, Mina, start a cultural center

The project will start a community space, radio station, studio, and meeting room in partnership with Rádio Quântica and Rabbit Hole.

By Chloe Lula

Mina, a flag-bearer for progressive counter-cultural resistance in Portugal, is expanding into a multidisciplinary space for musical and artistic communion.

One of the co-founders, Pedro Marum (whom we recently interviewed), began the group in “precarious conditions” in 2017 as Portugal began buckling under the weight of a booming tourism industry and gentrification. Their parties quickly became a symbol of radical liberation through sonic exploration, pleasure, and care. “We talked about harm reduction and health care for people who struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues,” he told Refuge Worldwide. “A lot of people didn’t want to work with us because we were vocally sex positive as well.”

After years of searching for a permanent home, Mina has located a cultural center near Martim Moniz and Penha de França that will accommodate parties, concerts, rehearsals, talks, workshops, exhibitions, and film screenings, “making sure there is space to participate safely.” The queer rave collective will also join forces with Rádio Quântica and the artistic platform Rabbit Hole.

The team is hoping to raise €10,000 in the following three months to secure their space. To find out more information about where the money will be directed and other ways you can help the project, check out more details on GoFundMe or on Mina’s Instagram page.