Adam Cooke hosts KOP Berlin & Irish Bloc for May Day

Come down to Oona from 2PM.

By Staff

A fundraising and solidarity event for May Day. The May Day Manifesto 2024 is inspired by the core ideas and critical perspectives of the 1968 manifesto using its principles to critic the current socio-political landscape of Europe, with a particular focus on Germany.

This takeover, a project brought to life and curated by Refuge residents Adam Cooke and Meriem, takes place from 2-8PM on May 1st at Oona Bar. It recognises the recurring themes of governmental inadequacy and the failure to address systemic and social inequalities, mirroring concerns from 1968. We also address the current rise of extreme right-wing ideologies and the complex dynamics of international politics, specifically Western support for Israel amidst the Palestinian Genocide.

By applying the anti-imperialist stance of the original manifesto in 2024, we are advocating for similar transformative changes adapted to today's challenges with emphases on solidarity, equity, and justice in both local and global contexts.

The May Day Manifesto 2024 serves as a call to action, urging a reengagement with the principles that once galvanised movements around the world.

The takeover will feature a conversation with KOP Berlin - Kampagne für Opfer rassistischer Polizeigewalt (campaign for victims of police violence). The aim of KOP is to counteract institutional racism on various levels and thus break through the racist norm. Specifically, the group deals with, among other things, the police practice of racial profiling, the documentation and investigation of racist police attacks and assaults, as well as accompanying victims and referring them to counseling centers. - Conversation to be led by Lucas Febraro and Gonca from KOP.

We will also be welcoming the Irish Bloc Berlin who are working hard uniting the Irish diaspora and expressing unwavering solidarity with the people of Palestine on German soil. They are here to discuss their work here in Berlin, why the Irish people are so connected to the Palestinian struggle and play a few tunes along the way.

Music selections will also come from Meriem, Mahita and Adam Cooke, and we will be fundraising for the KOP Berlin legal fund throughout the day.