We are teaming up with Lilipad, a Berlin-based educational charity

Lilipad have built libraries in Germany, Morocco and Uganda

By Staff

Every six months we choose an inspiring non-profit organisation to be our partners and receive 50% of the funds generated through the Refuge Worldwide Patreon.

For the first half of 2022 we are partnering with Lilipad, a Berlin-based organisation whose goal is 'to enable children in vulnerable communities to enjoy access to a fulfilling, quality and stimulating education.’ 

Lilipad was founded around a single project: the construction of a school library in Kyabirwa, Uganda, in 2017. Now an international educational charity, every Lilipad project begins with the foundation of a children's library, creating space to foster ‘a culture of reading and love of learning.' By working closely with local not-for-profit institutions, Lilipad have helped to open seven new, multilingual libraries and learning centres in the last five years, at locations in Uganda, Morocco and most recently GU-Britz, one of Berlin's largest collective refugee accommodation centres. Lilipad also run educational events, and recently started an online multilingual audio platform hosting readings of children’s books.

In addition to providing support through our Patreon, we will be working with Lilipad on a series of collaborative workshops to take place in Berlin over the next few months. More info on these to follow.

Head over to our Patreon page and subscribe to help us to support Lilipad in their mission! If you want to read more about our partnership series, check out our previous partners, Radio Zaatari and the Queer Black Therapy Fund.