Look back at our mentorship program with Liebeskind Berlin

The course took place in April with Nene H as mentor.

By Staff

Check out some photos and reflections of a recent production course.

From April 15 through 19, we hosted techno talent Nene H for a music production course at our Niemetzstrasse space. Three up-and-coming artists had hands-on sessions with Nene H, learning everything from production techniques to matters of artistic expression. By the end of the course, FATUMA, Kamunts and Al Asli had all finished a track which was premiered on a Refuge Worldwide radio show.

“It was amazing," Nene H said about the course. "We picked artists with different sounds, representing different cultures and styles. They really connected during this week, and I did with them as well, both through music and deep talks. I’m a proud momma!”

The course was hosted in collaboration with Liebeskind Berlin, a bag brand which aims to “reflect the spirit of the times,” while taking inspiration from the city we both call home.

Yazen (AKA Al Asli), another of the participant of the course who recently moved to Germany and whose work is influenced by mobility in general, shared the following during the radio show: “This program came on time for me, due to my relocation, and it’s been really great. Studio time is a must for artists to experiment, learn and explore the audio field.”

“It has been such a great experience," added FATUMA. "I have learned a lot about myself and my music. It was just a week, but I am full! When it comes to my music, that’s when I can actually express my feelings and thoughts.”

Finally, Anna, who records as Kamunts, says "I was really happy to meet Nene, I have been playing her tracks before, and I found new friends here. I learned from this program, from the heartfelt conversations: how to think about samples in another way. In my track, there is a sample in Armenian which is important for me."

Check out the show here and a few photos, by Julian Tell, taken in the studios. Many thanks to Liebeskind Berlin for supporting this course.

Photo Credits: Julien Tell