ICYMI | #119

Last Generation | Thai elections | Jüdische Stimme

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Our weekly roundup of stories you may have missed.

Last Generation classified as ‘criminal organisation’

Potsdam’s Regional Court has classified climate protest group Last Generation as a ‘criminal organisation’. Berlin’s new Senator for Justice Felor Badenberg is reportedly also considering harsher measures, and spearheading an investigation into wether the group can be classified as such, in response to a number of actions in the past week. Last month members of the group received five, four and three-month jail sentences for blocking roads, the ‘harshest ever’ sentences imposed on activists from the group so far. 

Turkey elections

On Sunday, Turkey will go back to the polls to vote in the second round of the presidential election. The rhetoric of the two competing party leaders, incumbent Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his reformist opponent Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, has turned increasingly anti-migrant in the past weeks. Kilicdaroglu vowed in a recent speech to ‘send all refugees home’, in a bid to break the deadlock by winning decisive votes from the ultra-nationalist MHP, who scored 5% in the election’s first round.

Portugal legalises euthanasia

Portugal’s parliament has legalised euthanasia for people who are experiencing great suffering from incurable diseases. The decision marks the end of a lengthy political battle, in which the bill was approved four times in three years by parliament but repeatedly sent back for constitutional review by conservative president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. Portugal will become the sixth country in Europe to legalise assisted dying.

Florida anti-trans bills

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has signed into law a new package of anti-trans legislation, including restrictions on gender-affirming treatment for minors, a ban on transgender people using bathrooms or changing rooms that match their gender identity, and restrictions on the use of pronouns in schools. Republican DeSantis, who is expected to run for president in the next election, has overseen a shift to the political right in Florida this year, including new restrictions on abortion and an expansion of capital punishment.

Thai opposition wins landslide

Thailand’s youth-led Move Forward party won a landslide in the general election, sending a powerful message to the authoritarian, military-backed government that has ruled the country on and off for decades. Despite a historic result and record turnout, the military government still have a huge say in deciding who will be the next leader, and has previously banned opposition leaders from politics and dissolved parties in order to keep power.

Scholz to tighten German border

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has announced plans to tighten controls at Germany’s border, and said he will support the creation of new asylum processing centres on the EU’s external borders. Over 50 humanitarian organisations in Germany have come together to oppose the plans, which they say would break refugee protection laws and lead to human rights violations.

Police violence at Berlin Jüedische Stimme protest

Berlin-based Jewish pro-Palestinian union Jüdische Stimme have criticised Berlin police after their Nakba-commemoration demo on Saturday ended with police violence and multiple arrests. Jüdische Stimme report that the protest was peaceful and carried out in full cooperation with the police, who “were ready to be aggressive all the time and at some point also surrounded parts of the crowd” before shutting down the demo early.

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