ICYMI | #131

Wildfires | Flash Floods in Germany | Lieferando Strikes

By Staff

Our weekly roundup of stories you may have missed.

Indigenous populations worst affected by wildfires

Wildfires driven by climate crisis continue to engulf vast regions of Canada and claim lives – 114 so far – on the Hawaiian island of Maui. In the US and Canada, indigenous populations are disproportionately affected by wildfires and widespread destruction drives fears of cultural erasure. Calls are growing for greater involvement of these communities in prevention – despite thousands of years of experience, indigenous methods play little part in the approach of western states to managing wildfires.

Increase in deportations from Germany

Deportations are on the rise in Germany – new statistics from Germany’s Interior Ministry show a 27% increase in the first six months of 2023 compared to the same period last year. This month, SPD Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced a series of ominous new proposals to speed up deportations further, including giving more power to the police to carry out deportations.

Berliners can join the campaign to stop a new deportation centre being opened at Flughafen BER – keep up to date via IG and sign the petition here.

4.5 million displaced by war in Sudan

Over 1 million people have now fled Sudan and 3.5 million have been internally displaced since war broke out in April. The crisis gripping the country continues to spiral out of control, particularly in the western region of Darfur, where the RSF paramilitary has been accused of deliberately hiding evidence of war crimes against the Masalit people and other non-Arab communities.

Saudi Arabia accused of massacres on border with Yemen

Saudi Arabia has been accused of deliberately killing hundreds of people on the border with Yemen, a pattern of violence uncovered in a new report by Human Rights Watch. The Saudi/Yemeni border has become a major transit point for refugees and migrants from the Horn of Africa, a region that has been devastated by drought and famine in the last three years. Saudi authorities have repeatedly denied responsibility for the attacks, which HRW say could amount to ‘crimes against humanity’.

Italian government cracks down on same-sex parents

Italy’s government has been cracking down on the listing of same-sex parents on birth certificates, leaving many couples in legal limbo and children effectively “orphaned by decree” – in the words of opposition politician Alessandro Zan. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who has repeatedly stated her view that children can only be raised by heterosexual parents, is leading an assault on same-sex couples in Italy, which is already among the worst countries in Western Europe for LGBTQ+ rights.

Lieferando workers strike in Berlin

Lieferando couriers demonstrated in front of the company’s Kreuzberg headquarters last week to protest low pay, wage fluctuations and a lack of basic working rights such as nighttime bonuses and vacations. Delivery service employees in precarious employment in Germany have been taking action in recent months – Wolt drivers launched the “ReWolt” campaign earlier this year when three employees took the company to court for withholding wages.

Turkish coastguard rescues 125 after Greek pushback

Turkey’s coastguard rescued over 125 people stranded in a rubber dinghy in the Aegean Sea after an illegal Greek pushback, Turkish authorities reported last week. Greece has pushed back tens of thousands of refugees and migrants in the last decade, often with the complicity or help of the EU border agency Frontex. Greek authorities continue to evade a full investigation into the responsibility of the Greek Coastguard for the Pylos shipwreck in June, in which over 500 people lost their lives.

Flooding across Germany

Germany’s summer of unpredictable and extreme weather continues. Last week, severe thunderstorms and flash flooding in Nuremberg led to power cuts across the city and forced drivers to abandon their cars when an underpass filled with water. At Frankfurt airport, 110 flights were cancelled when the entire premises was flooded. 

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