Human Rights Film Festival Berlin presents 'Forgotten Crises'

Screenings on Friday 5 May, 19:30 at City Kino Wedding.

By Staff

This Friday, Human Rights Film Festival Berlin returns for one-off screening of three short films exploring humanitarian crises in countries often ignored by international media: South Sudan, Bangladesh and Lebanon.

This event is presented by HRFFB as part of the #INDENFOKUS campaign, a partnership with over 30 NGOs drawing attention to forgotten crises. Each film will be followed by a short talk on the humanitarian situation in each country. Read the full description of each film below:


On the White Nile, directed by Akuol de Mabior, with a talk by Kira Fischer, head of advocacy at Aktion gegen den Hunger Germany.

An immersive river ride into the world of Rebecca Chol, a spirited and resilient South Sudanese fisherwoman. On the White Nile, by filmmaker Akuol de Mabior, takes us into the world of Rebecca Lith Chol. From the stern of her long wooden boat, Rebecca steers her crew down the White Nile, running her small fishing business. She is a formidable, courageous woman – in charge of her boat, her business and her destiny. Hers is a precarious living, but despite a life of hardship, her philosophical outlook and strong heart drive her forward.

Shobe Surfs, directed by Elizabeth D. Costa, with a talk by Mohammad Akmal Shareef, Country Director of Action Against Hunger in Bangladesh.

Shobe visits the only surf club on the coast of Bangladesh where girls are also allowed to surf. For the 13-year-old from the slum, surfing is more than just a sport. It is her ticket to a better world. While her family expects her to get married as soon as possible and would prefer to send her to work in Oman, her surf instructor Rashed shows her an alternative way to escape the poverty she was born into.

The Lebanon I Dream of, directed by Mounia Akl, with a talk by Philipp Hedemann, journalist.

This revolution has been eye-opening and inspiring. This is a reminder of all the reasons we took the streets, and is dedicated to all the people actively working on making these dreams a reality.

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