Double Trouble Workshop: Crumbs of Capitalism

Workshop on Saturday 8 April, 12:00 - 14:00.

By Staff

Is there a way out of capitalism? Can we avoid being punked by marketing strategies? 

In this workshop, participants will be encouraged to take a critical yet humorous look at some crumbs of the capitalistic system. Together, they will create a small exhibition at Oona for people visiting after the workshop.

Workshop host Anne (she/her) strives to shine a tragicomic light on the absurdities we are fed under a capitalistic system. The motivation to do so came after witnessing as a vet the immoralities of the modern food industry and animal husbandry.

Anne uses multiple mediums to portray her message including her Instagram account @_baerchenwurst_ , workshops, and interactive art to provoke thought for change.

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