Crossing Borders: Artistic Narratives of Migration at Anomalie Art Point

The event will include a screening of Gegen den Strom and Q&A with Sara Mardini.

By Staff

Crossing Borders: Artistic Narratives of Migration is an event showcasing the resilience, solidarity and creative talent of migrants in Berlin.

The event will include two documentary screenings: Der Tunnelgräber about Hasso Herschel, who helped East Germans escape to the West and Gegen den Strom (dir. Charly Wai Feldman) following the story of criminalised refugee activist Sara Mardini. Both will be followed by Q&A sessions with the protagonists.

A one-off group exhibition will showcase the work of multidisciplinary artists who have crossed borders, including Sarah Zeryab, Zeina Idris, Ramez Melhem, Tariq Alsaadi, Hala Ghatasheh, Salma ElShami, Michael Mjabareen, Rasha Al Jundi, Júlia Albuquerque and Lilipad. It will also be accompanied by live music performances from Exocé Existe, RealMo and Wizzy from Queens Against Borders.

There will also be food, provided by beloved Syrian restaurant Malakeh, and an afterparty featuring a diverse lineup of artists curated by Sara (aka Dancing Doll), which will also kick off her birthday celebrations.

Lilipad will also be collecting children’s book donations for their multilingual libraries (Turkish, Farsi, Arabic, Ukrainian, German, English).

Crossing Borders: Artistic Narratives of Migration at Anomalie Art Point, 15 July, 16:00-late.