Close Napier and Penally barracks

UK residents - call on your MP to take action

Choose Love and the Guardian are reporting that victims of trafficking, modern slavery and torture are facing prison-like conditions in the UK.

Hundreds of asylum seekers are being detained in former army barracks at the Napier and Penally sites in Kent, south-east England.

With no mental health support and over a quarter of the population within the barracks reportedly being diagnosed with COVID-19, the situation is becoming more dire every day. We at Refuge Worldwide join increasing calls to close the facilities and place asylum seekers in safe accommodation.

UK residents can write to their MPs here.

The Napier and Penally barracks are known to be used as assessment and dispersal facilities. Last month the Guardian reported that lawyers were denied access to the Napier barracks. It is understood UK solicitors were trying to speak to 30 of their clients in need of urgent legal advice regarding their asylum claims, with many of the residents moved to detention centres ahead of forced deportation orders. This is unacceptable.

You can Tweet the UK Home Office here to let them know your feelings.