Berlin Stories | 1-7 February

News and events from our community in Berlin.

By Staff

Protests, parties, panels and more.

1-7 February

Zine: Lecken rave-maker and clinical psychologist Wanda Gaimes is publishing her new zine ‘Junkie Drives: A Lacanian Psychoanalysis of Drug Consumption’. The zine explores “what non-normativizing psychoanalysis can teach us about the enjoyment of drugs and the human struggle with pleasure.” Follow Wanda and tune in to Skankstasy, her Refuge Worldwide residency, to find out more.

Worskshop: On Thursday EOTO is hosting a Ballroom Commentating workshop and open Ballroom-Session with German mother Mandhla Laveaux. The workshop starts at 18:00 and is a safer space for queer, trans*, and gender-questioning Black people between the ages of 18-27. The workshop will take place at Karl-Kunger-Straße 29/30, 12435 Berlin.

Event: On Friday Thawra is running an event in solidarity with artists currently on strike against state-funded institutions, featuring screenings, food, DJ sets and live music, plus a panel discussion with Nicky Böhm (below), Bryony and Rakans. All proceeds will go to direct aid in Gaza. DM Thawra for the location.

Panel: Systems of Change is an un-conference held by Trust Talks. From 15:00-18:00 on Saturday they are hosting conversations about para-institutions as drivers for systems change through culture and technology, in the context of the German repression and censorship of Palestinian voices. The event will take place at Kluckstraße 25, 10785 Berlin.

Protest: Join us in the streets on Saturday to demand a ceasefire and an end to the occupation of Palestine. The protest starts at Potsdamer Platz at 2 pm. Follow pa_allies for more info. 

Placards and flags at a pro-Palestine demonstration in Berlin. Placard reads: 'No one is free until we are all free'

Party: On Sunday evening Hot Concept are taking over Zur Klappe in Kreuzberg, with sets from John Loveless, Lupini and Gramrcy.

Film Festival: Sinema Transtopia is currently underway. On 6 February, one year after an earthquake caused devastation across Turkey, Syria, and Kurdistan, Sinema Transtopia is hosting a screening of İmre Azem’s documentary “Hatay: 1-11 Eylül” (below) followed by a discussion about the disaster’s aftermath. Head to their website to see the full listings.