Berlin Stories | 7-13 March

News and events from our community in Berlin.

By Staff

Protests, parties, panels and more.

Visual Presentation: Sudan Uprising is holding an event exploring political graffiti as a tool of civil resistance in the context of Sudan's 2018 rebellion, 2021 coup and the ongoing conflict. Walls Resist! Sudan: Writing on Collapsing Walls takes place at 19:00 on 7 March at FHXB Museum.

Demonstration: ​​On 8 March Alliance of Internationalist Feminists is organising a FLINTA* only demo against imperialist feminism and colonial oppression across the globe. The International Women’s Day or Feministischer Kampftag protest highlights the intersectionality of feminist struggles from Congo to Palestine. The march starts at 2pm Unter den Linden 21.

Party: Berlin’s queer and feminist OYA Bar is organising an 8 March afterparty with DJs playing music from 23:00 until the early morning hours. The event is donation-based and takes place at OYA Bar, Mariannenstrasse 6.

Open Call: Berliner Ringtheater are looking for new projects and concepts in theater, dance and performance to be realised in 2025. In particular they are looking for BIPoC or FLINTA artists, as well as artists with disabilities, refugee, or migration history. Apply before 31 March here.

Concert and Fundraiser: The 8M Intifada Bazaar takes place on Saturday 9 March. The lineup of performers and artists centers queer, decolonial, intersectional, and anti-imperialist voices including Refuge guests Enana and Angel Maxine (above). The event starts at 16:00. DM Diaspora Rising for the location.

Film Screening and Discussion: Zora Berlin, Sudan Uprising, and Café Karanfil are screening the documentary 15YIL on 9 March. The film portrays the realities of revolutionaries who became political prisoners in Turkey and is followed by a discussion about repressions and solidarity. The event takes place at Café Karanfil (Weisestrasse 3) at 19:00.

Concert for Gaza: On 10 March Kühlhaus Berlin is hosting a concert series to raise funds for the Ghassan Abu Sittah Children’s Fund, supporting children in Gaza. The evening of classical music by various composers starts at 19:00 and is organised by Make Freedom Ring. Location: Kühlhaus Berlin, Luckenwalderstr. 3.

Fundraiser: Refuge Worldwide resident Sarah Farina is raising funds for Tish Bailey. The Chicago artist lent her voice to the iconic track 'Freak Like Me' by DJ Deeon, but she was never credited or paid royalties. Read more and donate here.

Open Letter: Berlin's government has mandated schools in Neukölln to distribute pamphlets called "The Myth of Israel #1948" which claims that the 1948 Nakba (when 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homeland) was purely “defensive”, and that all occupation of Palestinian territory was carried out legally. Read and sign an open letter from parents and educators demanding a reversal of the decision.

Header image: Sarah Farina.